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For now this website is just play Minecraft only. Soon this site will be more than just that if you guys help donate to support the website!

Welcome to Try Minecraft For Free. Please read and agree to our terms of use below before you play.

Terms of Use: Using this site you understand that we do not host the game on our servers and that you are playing the official game streamed directly from the’s cloud servers. B) We are not affiliated with or Mojang. C) Try not to grief, cheat or spam when playing on cracked multiplayer servers. D) You are responsible for any consequences of your actions when you play Minecraft for instance you are on this website during a school lesson and get caught!. E) At any time we may refuse you the right to play through this web site. F) You agree not to use this service to harm, spam, or in any other negative way to destroy other users fun. G) You understand that the owners or staff of this website cannot be held responsible for any problems or loss of data that may occur from using this website. H) Any Java problems is the users fault for not managing their Java correctly and to not managing to fix there browser to be able to run the game.

For educational and demonstration purposes only!

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