Basic Minecraft Information

Minecraft is a sandbox survival construction game created by Markus Persson, also known as Notch who then founded Mojang. The game involves players interacting with the game world by placing and breaking various types of blocks with which players can build and create structures. .


There are many different animals and monsters in Minecraft and new ones get added all the time. Monsters also known as "Mobs" come out at night as there is a day night cycle in the game. Both day and night only last 10 minutes each.

The First Night

The first night is always the hardest to go through as you start out with no items and are left to gather supplies such as wood to make a shelter. The easiest way to survive the first night is to dig down on the block you are standing on and then cover the top of you so that nothing can get in or out, after that is done wait 10 minutes until it is day. When it hits day you can gather wood and start to make a house/cabin. When making a cabin you can start of by 6 blocks long and 4 up. I tend to prefer to make a cave and just live in there as it stops people from finding my location.

Health And Stamina

Health and stamina are two of the main things that you must know about in Minecraft. The health and stamina are shown up as two different bars above the inventory hot bar in the game. The hearts are a symbol for health and the food icons are for stamina. Just below that is another bar which is for XP. An important thing you must know is that you can also lose health if your stamina is low, meaning you will have to find some food to eat. If you die all your items will be dropped in the location that you died at. This will mean you must get there fast before somebody else finds them and picks it all up. When you die you will spawn in the place that you started at in the beginning. You could change this by placing a bed and sleeping in it so next time when you die you will re spawn in that bed.

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