Getting started with Minecraft

The first thing that you must do when getting into a game is to start collecting materials that you need. The first thing that I advise you all to make is a sword as it can get dark really fast and you may need to defend yourself. I also advise you to make a shelter, and I don't mean something like a big house! I mean something like a hole in the ground so that you can hide and in which you can stay in until it is daylight or until its a safe time to come out. Most of the action in the game occur from (left) clicking and using your movement keys (w, a, s, d). Since you will not have any items at the start the first thing you must do is harvest some wood. For that all you need to do is come up to a tree and just hold down your left mouse key to break the block. The block will then fall to the ground and you will have to walk over to it for it to be auto picked up and added to your inventory, which you can access with the (e) keyboard stroke. Once you have got your wooden stacks you may craft them into planks. In order to do that all you do is press (e) and place them into the "Crafting" option. You will then see the planks on the right and all you need to do then is shift click the box and they will be placed into your inventory.


After this we are now going to make a crafting bench. With this you can craft and make most of the items that there are on Minecraft. First you will need to take four wooden planks and put them into the 2x2 crafting window. You'll put one in each slot. This will then create the crafting table. After that is done you can now place the crafting table onto the ground, all you do is right click and it will be placed. If you want to pick the crafting bench backup you will have to hit until it breaks just like before when getting wood from the trees. To use the crafting bench all you do is right click and then you can craft whatever you need. You can also Google search crafting guide and there will be tutorials on how to craft various things.

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